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torrented editor was the way to go ? - or can i ? (i have no idea what i'm doing) ;) for my own selfish fun :) thankyou very much!! 2.01.2012 it took me a long time to work out how this game actually works. well, it's pretty straightforward actually. basically, you take this game from the launcher onto a fullscreen window and a background image that matches the game. once you are satisfied with how it looks, you can close the window and open this image in as many files as you like and edit them in paint shop pro (or however you do it) to change the colours and any other parts you wish. the best thing is that you can use different images for each folder you've opened. so you can have a different "theme" for your game. so, here's the first bit of the game. i know i keep using that word, but it's a very important one - don't use the word "theme" too often, it's too much of a general term. instead, use "artset" for this game. the version numbers and stuff below these images are important, so be sure to read them before you open the files to make sure you understand what they do. now, as with my other game, i've really been trying to add as many backgrounds as i can into the game as well. so this is the first time i've done this, so it's probably a bit messy and inefficient - and i'm sure there are better ways to do it. finally, the version numbers below these images are the same version number as the game itself, and that's how you can tell which version is being used. so if you download this image, it will open as "Dark Souls Original". if you download the next one, it will be "Dark Souls Original Revised" etc. 2.02.2012 just a quick note to say that my game is available for download over here. the version number for that is the same as the game itself, and that is so, if you want to try it, you can download it here. 1.26.2012 i made my first ever game. what a great feeling. and, before you say "go on, please tell me, do you mean 'hello world'



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Darksoulssaveeditor3070 (Latest)

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